• kiwi-canine-coverlet

One Pack Small Kiwi Canine Coverlet with Zip On Cuddler


Our beds are extra snuggly and different than all the others on the market.   Like all of our products they are eco-friendly and made in the USA but that's just the start. 

The Zip On Cuddler is an oversized blanket that is made for your dog to cuddle into. Yes, your dog likes to be tucked in just like us humans do. Simple, right? The blanket is attached on one side only so it is easily detached for care and easily disentangled from puppy toes and noses and such.  It also has a pocket that fits a favorite snuggle toy like our Sleepy Sheep cuddle toy.  It also has a little extra fuzziness (yes, we think that's a word) on the outside of the pocket that is a perfect place to spritz with a little calming scent. Might we suggest Eau de Bedtime?

Our first line of beds comes in our introductory signature palette.  Our small dog bed fits well, a small dog.    It  comes in kiwi green, the pop of green that matches your little dog's big attitude, with an ivory eco sherpa blanket covered in lucky stars.

These beds come as duvets so your customers can fill them with standard-sized pillows or clothing that smells like them. And it saves precious space in your store.

Reduce. Reuse Recycle.