Testimonials & Pics from Our Well-Rested Customers

 “Chamomile has a lot of beneficial qualities like helping treat anxiety, sleeplessness, stomach pain, and gas. It can also reduce inflammation, speed wound healing, reduce muscle spasms and promote sleep....You don’t have to use the real plant as Bedtime Bones is a genius way of being able to Chamomile to our pets diet.”  Read More at The Cozy Pet


"What I really like about this company and product is the simplicity of it all.  One of those "I wish I thought of this" kind of products.  The packaging is delightful, the ordering process is smooth, and most importantly, Oscar really likes them.  And they work!  Mellows out my little man naturally," says the Pet Blog Lady.


"...It's made with some kind of ingredient called chamomile.  Is that a code word for magic?"...- BragginBarks



We have lots of cute and cuddly customers of the canine variety.

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