Bedtime Rituals

Consistent routines and rituals, especially at bedtime, can help your dog feel safe and relaxed, and promote calm behavior and good sleep.  The natural approach is best.

Having a relaxed dog at night starts long before the sun sets, in fact, it starts when the sun comes up!  Play, play, play and exercise your dog everyday. 

Being consistent with your dog’s bedtime ritual is important.  When you are ready to tuck her in repeat the same steps every evening. 

  • Feed your dog’s meals around the same time everyday. Feed a dinner no less than three hours before bed time and Limit water intake just before bed. 
  • Give her last bathroom break should take place right before she goes to bed.  
  • Create a calming environment for your dog just like you would for yourself. Encourage a more relaxing activity, such as chewing on a safe and appropriate bone or with a cuddle toy.  
  • Spritz a calming scent into the air.
  • She is more likely to settle down if she’s lying down.  Establish a place for her to sleep whether it is a bed, mat, crate or with you in bed. (We aren’t judging!)
  •  Limit light and noise.
  •  A Bedtime Bone, of course, accompanied by a pet and a kiss on the nose is an ideal way to complete the ritual.  Some dogs even like a story...

Thank you to PawsNMotion for their expertise in creating this regimen. For more information regarding training in the Twin Cities Area please contact them.