Bedtime Bones® - One Month Supply

Dogs thrive on ritual and bedtime is an important part of that. Whether it's her own very own bed, a stretch of floor near you or the patch on your bed reserved for her, she wants to know she has a safe, secure place to sleep every night. A treat before bedtime gives your dog something to look forward to when she settles down every night and trains her to do just that. The extra pats and kiss on the nose will have to be provided by you.

Bedtime Bones® - One Month Supply

$10.99 USD

Bedtime Bones® are an organic, chamomile bedtime treat for your dog (Yes, chamomile affects your dog the same way it does you). The package is made from recycled materials made with wind power.  There are no wheat, soy, corn or fillers to spoil any appetites. Bones are packaged one for every day of the month, plus a little extra to share.

It makes a great gift for your dog or the dog lover in your life.  And it's a natural to help your dog get to sleep.

Ingredients: all organic-rye flour, oat bran, brown eggs, canola, chamomile, honey 



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