| Michaela Fisher

You Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down: Tips for the Aging Dog

You remember when you could hold him in one hand. You remember his ridiculous chewing phase. You remember his first vet visit. And now here you both are, so many years and memories later. He’s your best friend, and you’re determined to keep him healthy for his golden years. Do right by him, and by you, and check out the three tips below on care for senior dogs. 

1. Schedule regular vet visits 

-Just like people, dogs benefit from seeing a medical professional once in a while. With older dogs, it can be helpful to see the veterinarian twice year and make sure everything is working as it should. 

 2. Watch what they eat 

-Take note of how often, and how much your dog is eating. Unfinished meals can mean all sorts of things, from digestion trouble to cancer to simply a rotten tooth. Consider buying dog food specifically formulated for older dogs, which often has ingredients that are easier to digest and supplements to help deal with aging. 

 3. Monitor movement 

-While you are checking out your dog chowing down, take a peek at how they move. Do they limp? Are they having trouble laying down or getting up? Many dogs can develop arthritis or hip problems as they age. If you notice a suddenly shift in your dog’s behavior, pay a visit to your local veterinarian!