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Writers Needed!

Everyone has a story. Have you ever wanted to share a story with your dog? Or just sit and pet them for a few minutes and soothe them with your voice? Perhaps you have a favorite memory that you would like to share? (Yes, we know your dog doesn't understand the words but they do like to hear your voice and be the center of attention.)

This is your chance to do that! Bedtime4Dogs is putting together a book of bedtime stories 4 Humans and their dogs! . They can be any kind of one page tale (approximately 400 words.) This is not a child’s fairy tale.  It’s your chance to recall a funny memory, a sentimental moment, inspirational story etcetera and share it.

Our stories will be featured at the Wordplay Festival.   Chosen writers will have a chance to have their own signing/reading at the Wordplay Festival and be paid for their published work. Submit your story to karlene@bedtime4dogs.com by August 31. (If it is an already published piece, we are okay with that as long as you are authorized to share it again.)

We can’t wait to hear all of your stories and hope to see many of you, authors and readers, at the national WordPlay festival!