| Savvy Prunty

Watch Fido Swim: Backpack Essentials for Water Fun with Dogs

Everyone loves to bring their dogs along on their summer vacation! Being able to cool off and play in the water with your best friend is so much fun! However, you're going to need to pack a bag for your dog as well! Here are some essential items to bring for you pup.


1. Food! Duh!
When bringing your dog with you for a vacation, they're going to need to eat too! So don't forget to bring their kibble and some tasty treats too!
2. Bowls
They need a place to eat and drink from just like at home. You can bring their normal bowls from home or you can buy collapsible bowls to save more room for the fun stuff!
3. Water bottles
Water bottles are a must if you're planning on hiking or even just walking your dog downtown to shop. Hydration should always be a priority for you and your dogs!
4. Life jacket
Believe it or not, not every dog knows how to swim so getting them life jackets is very important. Even if your dog can swim it is a good idea to get them one so they can be safe in the water or cruising around on a boat.
5. Floating leash
Floating leashes are another important item to pack for your dogs because if the leash is floating on top of the water that eliminates the risk of the leash catching on something in the water. It's always better to be safe than sorry!
6. Floating toys
Lastly, floating toys are great for dogs! They are able to play fetch in new or different ways and get quite the workout. It's a blast for humans and their pups!