| Michaela Fisher

Walking in Winter Weather

Since February 22nd was National Walking the Dog Day, we thought now would be a great time to talk about walking your dog in the winter months. Taking a hike with your canine companion surrounded by a blanket of white snow sounds so idyllic! Follow these tips to make sure you and your pet have fun and stay safe together.

1. Be Conscious of Temperature 

On days that are especially frigid, consider shorter walks. Smaller dogs and dogs with short haired coats are more susceptible to freezing temperatures. High winds can also make walking in the winter more treacherous.

2. Always Keep Your Dog on a Leash

This is a good idea in general, but the winter brings an added element into this perspective. If your dog is off leash and ends up chasing a squirrel or otherwise runs off, they may be in added danger due to cold temp. Winter weather often also comes with reduced visibility, and therefore locating your pet can be more difficult.

3. Bundle Up

Some breeds of dogs may benefit from a winter jacket or even booties! Pit bulls for example have very short hair and are not built for freezing temperatures. Booties can protect your dog from cold pavement and even things like road salt which can cause dryness and irritation to their paw pads.

4. Know When Your Dog is Too Cold

These previous tips are all designed to prevent your dog from getting too chilled, but how do you know when your dog is over their limit? Look for signs such as shaking or shivering, hunched posture, reluctance to walk, and lifting paws off the ground. All of these mean your dog is ready to go home!

We hope these tips are helpful- now go enjoy that winter weather!