| Michaela Fisher

Walking in the Rain...And Loving it!

Spring is here, and while we all anxiously search for the returning robins and tulips peaking up from the ground, we are still taking our dogs for walks! But now we are contending with a new issue: rain and mud. We need to get our canine companions out for some exercise, all while sparing our homes from being victimized by wet dog. What can you do about it? Read on below for three tips on how to navigate those spring showers!

Setup a Quick Clean Spot

Many dogs love getting wet, so some amount of mess during our walks is inevitable. Plus, who doesn’t like seeing their dog play in a puddle? Let them have their fun, and when you return home just stop at your Quick Clean Spot before heading in. All you need is a sturdy mat, towel, and damp cloth located somewhere just outside your home. You can wipe those paws off on the mat, towel off your pooch, and use the damp cloth on any stubborn mud or debris. Then you can head on in with your dog all clean, and your home will thank you!

Avoid Busy Streets

One way you can limit how soaked your dog gets in general is by staying clear of highly trafficked areas. In the spring the roads are liable to accumulate lots of water, and cars running by may accidentally spray water onto you and your dog! That’s not a mess you want to deal with, so instead stick to quieter roads, or wooded trails if you have them nearby.

Get the Gear

If you can’t avoid those busy streets, and you don’t have the space for a Quick Clean Spot, don’t be afraid to do a little shopping! Rain boots and rain jackets are available for a variety of sizes of dogs. These will keep your friend warm and dry no matter where you go or what weather you will face.


Hopefully these tips help you handle the spring rains with your dog. You both can stay dry even on a rainy day, and when you’re done with your walk why not cuddle up and read a book


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