| Drew LaBlanc

The Do Good 4 Dogs List-Part 2

But wait there's more on the Do Good for Dog List. Last week we talked about nutrition and exercise. Today let's bring those together into a spoiling routine.  Tough sell, right?

  1. Walk your dog even when it can't actually be you that does it. Wag! - is an app for dog walkers on demand. You book a dog walker and you can track the walk and will get notifications of what they are up to. The notifications  include really cute pics of your pup.
  2. Have a "Paw-day" - Give not only yourself, but your furry friend a spa day.  Detangle their locks with a furminator brush, brush their teeth, trim their nails and treat their paw pads with a canine lotion.
  3. Pet and Chat-  Petting helps calm your dog down and you. They also love to hear your voice so talk to your dog.  (We are not judging. Now if they talk back...)
  4. Go on a Picnic - This is a great time for you and your dog to bond over nibbles and attention even if has to happen inside in front of a fireplace.
  5. Celebrate their Birthday - Who doesn’t enjoy a party? They will love all the attention, but maybe not the birthday hats. Make or buy them a doggy birthday cake. 
As a matter of fact The Chief Inspiration Officer here at Bedtime4Dogs will be celebrating her birthday tomorrow with a meat cake and her best doggy buds (no official word on the hats...)