| Drew LaBlanc

The Do Good For Dog List

We know you want the best for your dog and so do we. In this Do Good for Dog List, we made a quick top 5 to help with nutrition and activity. 

  1. Bone Broth  is a great way to keep your pups hydrated during trail walks and long hikes. It is nutrient packed. 
  2. Home made Treats -  You will know exactly what is in them and you can make them to fit your dog's dietary needs. 
  3. Organic Dog Food -You will see a difference in your dog's coat, mood and activity. A few brands you should try are Fromm, Gather, Tender & True.   And yes, Bedtime Bones are made of organic ingredients.
  4. Play Hide and Seek - It is a fun way to get your dog to think. Hide a treat, or yourself and have them go find it. 
  5. Play Dates - If your dog enjoys playing with other dogs, set up a play date! Let them run around and then they will be all tuckered out. 
More coming next week!