| Michaela Fisher

The 31 days of Howl-O-Ween (Part Two)

Are you ready to read our next group of Halloween activities? Grab your canine companion and get ready for some tail wagging good times!

8. Have a decorating night. Create an ambiance in the house that just screams Halloween! Break out the black cats, witches’ hats, and pale skulls to get you and your canine in the spirit for Halloween mischief!  

9. It is time to do some shopping! Whether its online or in stores, decide what you and your furry friend are going to wear on Halloween. 

10. Have another stay in night and watch your favorite Halloween themed movie. 

11. Go for a late night walk, and do your best to not get spooked! Don’t worry, your canine companion is sure to protect you. :) 

12. Living room fort night! Bring in the pillows, blankets, and popcorn and convert your living room into a mellow and comfy place to spend the night. Check out our bedtime blankets to ensure your dog sleeps well too (https://www.bedtime4dogs.com/collections/accessories). 

13. If the weather stays warm, try going camping! You can stay up late, watch the stars, and listen to the coyotes’ howl. You and your dog can join them and make an eerie chorus.

14. Volunteer! Halloween in many ways is about giving, so why not take a day to give back to your community?