| Michaela Fisher

Another Week's Adventures in The 31 Days of Howl-O-Ween

Here are another week of Howl-o-ween is adventures for you and your pup!
  1. Check out your local frightening attractions! Maybe a haunted house, an ominous corn maze, or a spooky hay ride? Your pooch will probably have to stay home for the evening, but they will probably prefer that! 
  2. Carve some pumpkins. When you’re done, you can use some of those bits of pumpkin to bake you’re dog a tail waggin treat! (Try these bananas and pumpkin dog treats!  )
  3. Have a zoo near you? A lot of them have Halloween themed evenings in October. Go check them out and see all the spooky critters! 
  4. Have any extra pumpkins? Instead of carving them, try painting them. The dog can help decorate with some flashy pawprints, and together you can create an artistic masterpiece! 
  5. Ever made a candle? Its not as difficult as it sounds. Try it out, and then save them for Halloween. It’ll create quite the ambiance, and I bet the dog will like the smell too!
  6. Try a second volunteer day, and this time focus on your local dog shelter. Maybe bring some of those extra dog cookies you’ve been baking this month? 
  7. Plan a picnic in the park! Visit your local dog park and bring some goodies for both you and your canine to enjoy. Roll out the blanket, sip your pumpkin latte, and run your fingers through your friend’s fur. Does it get better than this? 
  8. Buy yourself a Halloween themed dog toy and spend some quality play time with your puppy! 
  9. Take your dog for a walk in nature, and try to record all the “spooky” animals you see! Write them down, take pictures, and ask yourself why you find them so creepy? Spoiler alert, all animals have a role in the ecosystem, from millipedes to cockroaches. 
  10. Does your dog like the car? Roll down the windows and let that crisp air hit you both, take a joy ride around your neighborhood. Blast some festive music and have fun! 
  11. Have a dress rehearsal. Dress your dog up in their Halloween costume and make sure everything fits right and the dog is comfortable. You want things to go smoothly for the 31st!