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  • | Kelsie Shields

    Chamomile is a Natural Way to Help Dogs Calm Down!

    'You know that chamomile tea you drink to calm down? Science shows that same calming flower is good for your dog too!

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  • | Michaela Fisher

    Identifying Nighttime Pet Anxiety

    “My dog can’t sleep!” is a sentence every dog owner has said at one point or another. A restless Fido can cause their parents to lose sleep as well. There can be many reasons why your dog can’t sleep. Observing your dog's behaviors around bedtime can help you understand the reason your dog refuse... View Post
  • | Michaela Fisher

    Why Vaccinate?

    A disclaimer: Bedtime4dogs is not a veterinarian professional. Please consult your own veterinarian on what vaccines are right for your dog. Vaccines are one of the best ways to protect your pup. Vaccines can prevent many illnesses and help your canine companion live a long healthy life. But how ... View Post