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pet anxiety

  • | Michaela Fisher

    Identifying Nighttime Pet Anxiety

    “My dog can’t sleep!” is a sentence every dog owner has said at one point or another. A restless Fido can cause their parents to lose sleep as well. There can be many reasons why your dog can’t sleep. Observing your dog's behaviors around bedtime can help you understand the reason your dog refuse... View Post
  • | Kelsie Shields

    Expecting the Unexpected: Social Anxiety in Your Canine

    Worrying how your dog will react in unexpected social situations may make you want to leave them home when heading into town. Instead, learn how to be prepared for and manage whatever the world throws at you with your pup at your side. View Post
  • | Savvy Prunty

    Take Your Dog to Work Day & Pet Anxiety Awareness Week Kickoff

    Today is Bring Your Dog to Work Day and our Kickoff to Pet Anxiety Awareness Week! Everyone at Northern Lights Assisted Living love when my mom and I bring Festus there. View Post