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  • | Michaela Fisher

    Dog is Everyone's Best Friend!

    Dogs are descended from wolves, and are as such social animals. They intuitively desire to be in a pack where there is both structure and friendship. In the wild, that pack would be made up of other familial canines, but in today’s world, anything goes! Dogs are capable of developing relationshi... View Post
  • | Savvy Prunty

    Celebrating 10 Years of DOGust...

    Celebrating 10 years of DOGust. North Shore Animal League and rescue groups around the country hold free adoptions and events in August as a way of promoting DOGust and the availability of homeless pets at shelters and rescues. 

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  • | Adrian Flores

    Graduating Puppy Training School

    Well here I am. After all these long days of people telling me to “sit”, or telling me to “lie down”, or pulling on my leash, its finally coming to an end! I can remember when my owners would tell me to not do certain things or to act a certain way so that I can be the lov... View Post

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