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  • | Michaela Fisher

    Why Vaccinate?

    A disclaimer: Bedtime4dogs is not a veterinarian professional. Please consult your own veterinarian on what vaccines are right for your dog. Vaccines are one of the best ways to protect your pup. Vaccines can prevent many illnesses and help your canine companion live a long healthy life. But how ... View Post
  • | Michaela Fisher

    Dogs that Lend a Helping Paw

    We all love our canine companions, and we are all aware of the many benefits they bring to our lives. Some dogs have special titles, such as Emotional Support Animal, Therapy Dog, or Service Dog. But what do these words mean? Are they all the same? Read on to find out! Emotional Support Animal (E... View Post
  • | Michaela Fisher

    Clear the Shelters!

    Shelters are an important part of our pet communities that help make new families every day. For many shelters across the country summer can be a time of chaos, with kennels being at full capacity. To help pets find new homes many shelters participate in annual "Clear the Shelter" events in Augus... View Post