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  • | Michaela Fisher

    Poison Prevention Awareness

    March is Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month. A poison is something that, when ingested causes harm to the animal. Poisons can have varying levels of severity, and it is important as a pet owner to be aware of the potential poisons your dog might encounter and be ready to take measures to preve... View Post
  • | Karlene Wieland

    Canine Apparitions

    On today of all days, your colleagues and friends and families are all talking about ghosts (and candy and costumes)  most likely of the human variety.  There are however some ghastly ghostly canine tales worth giving a woof about!    Here's a favorite of ours-   &n... View Post
  • | Karlene Wieland

    Happy Halloween to You and Your Dog

     You love Halloween with all of it's fun and candy.  And you love your dog even more.  Sadly, the two aren't a great mix.  Just remember a few tips so you both have fun on Halloween night.  1).  Chocolate may raises our spirits but it, and sugar in general, is poiso... View Post

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