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  • | Kelsie Shields

    Chamomile is a Natural Way to Help Dogs Calm Down!

    'You know that chamomile tea you drink to calm down? Science shows that same calming flower is good for your dog too!

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  • | Karlene Wieland

    Go Big or Go Home-SuperZoo 2015

    Yes, You should read that headline while hearing the "American Authors" singing in your head.  For those of you who care about such things-SuperZoo is a national trade show in the pet industry.  It happens in the height of summer in Vegas, yes Vegas otherwise known as the surface of the sun. It'... View Post
  • So, last night I made a concerted effort to get to bed "on time."  "On time" in this household means I make it into bed some time before midnight.  Like so many people these days, 50 to 70 million people to be more exact, insomnia is just a part of life.  These days for me it's abo... View Post