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Bedtime Bones

  • | Kelsie Shields

    Chamomile is a Natural Way to Help Dogs Calm Down!

    'You know that chamomile tea you drink to calm down? Science shows that same calming flower is good for your dog too!

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  • | Savvy Prunty

    Identifying Nighttime Pet Anxiety

    “My dog can’t sleep at night!” is a sentence every dog owner has said at one point or another. A restless Fido can cause their parents to loose sleep as well. There can be many reasons why your dog can’t sleep. View Post
  • | Drew LaBlanc

    Spring Cleaning

    Spring is in the air! Time to start spring-cleaning not only for your house but for your pet as well. Here is a list of things you can do to have them ready for springtime!  View Post