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  • | Michaela Fisher

    Social Anxiety and the Holidays

    As the holidays approach your dog may be put into different situations that trigger social anxiety. To help you prepare, check out this blog post from 2019! ___________________________________________________ If you have a nervous dog, you know that leaving home can be a stressful occasion, or pe... View Post
  • | Michaela Fisher

    Fear of Fireworks! How to Keep Your Dog Calm this 4th of July!

    As the Fourth of July approaches, lets remind ourselves how to keep our dogs safe and calm on this day of celebration.  Fireworks might be overwhelming for some individuals, but many dogs are very scared of fireworks and discover the sound and spectacle to be terrifying. Dog fireworks anxiety can... View Post
  • | Jeremy Wieland

    Dogs can evolve out of anxiety, and they also develop it later in life

    Dogs can suffer anxiety throughout their lifetime. Calm dogs can become anxious in life and high strung puppies can one day simply behave like nothing fazes them.

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