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  • | Jeremy Wieland

    Mystery of the Blood Red Flower, a short story from Bedtime4Dogs

    As a thank you to our loyal customers we want to share with you a short story from our “Tales for the Tail End of a Day,” the first volume of Bedtime4Dogs collected short stories. Please enjoy this this evening with your companion snuggled up close. She may not understand the actual words but she loves the sound of your voice.

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  • | Savvy Prunty

    Celebrating 10 Years of DOGust...

    Celebrating 10 years of DOGust. North Shore Animal League and rescue groups around the country hold free adoptions and events in August as a way of promoting DOGust and the availability of homeless pets at shelters and rescues. 

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  • | Richie DePaoli

    A Foreign but Friendly Atmosphere

    I had never had a job before and I’ve only volunteered at one place during my early years of high school. It was about five years ago and I was living in northern Michigan. We had just moved there and I had a whole summer to kill before my next year of high school started.             A lot of m... View Post