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  • | Adrian Flores

    Love, Life, And The Pursuit Of A Bully

    Graduation slowly crept up on me. You could always see things coming, or the best we can do as humans is prepare for them to come and know how to feel. Well, graduation is only a couple of days away and I don’t know how to prepare for something like this. The cheesiness of all is saying to ... View Post
  • | Adrian Flores

    Graduating Puppy Training School

    Well here I am. After all these long days of people telling me to “sit”, or telling me to “lie down”, or pulling on my leash, its finally coming to an end! I can remember when my owners would tell me to not do certain things or to act a certain way so that I can be the lov... View Post
  • | Karlene Wieland

    Dogs Don’t Say ‘I Love You’ With a Hug

    Todays guest blogger is  Melissa Berryman is a national dog bite consultant who founded the Dog Owner Education and Community Safety Council.   Dogs Don’t Say ‘I Love You’ With a Hug – and Why You Shouldn’t EitherExpert Shares 5 Dog Myths that Can Lead... View Post