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acts of kindness

  • | Jeremy Wieland

    Mystery of the Blood Red Flower, a short story from Bedtime4Dogs

    As a thank you to our loyal customers we want to share with you a short story from our “Tales for the Tail End of a Day,” the first volume of Bedtime4Dogs collected short stories. Please enjoy this this evening with your companion snuggled up close. She may not understand the actual words but she loves the sound of your voice.

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  • | Drew LaBlanc

    Justice 4 Animals

    National Justice 4 animals week started on the 25th of February and goes through the 3rd of March. Justice for animals should be followed and respected every day, but sadly it doesnt. Abusing your animal is wrong!  View Post
  • | Adrian Flores

    Love, Life, And The Pursuit Of A Bully

    Graduation slowly crept up on me. You could always see things coming, or the best we can do as humans is prepare for them to come and know how to feel. Well, graduation is only a couple of days away and I don’t know how to prepare for something like this. The cheesiness of all is saying to ... View Post