| Michaela Fisher

Puppies Part Two!

Spring is here, and the time for a puppy is upon you. If you’ve read our last article then you’ve taken steps to prep, and have your pooch at your house. Now that they’re home with you, the real work begins. Read on for ways to make sure your puppy gets raised right!

  1. Obedience training

-Consider obedience training! Some puppy boot camp classes can be an excellent start for getting your pooch to become a well behaved citizen. Many animal shelters are now requiring adopted dogs go through training, and it is a great investment. Spend some time looking up obedience training workshops around you, and get yourself signed up!

  1. House Training

-House training your pet is a very critical milestone. For best results be consistent in your schedule, leaving times for bathroom breaks outside whenever possible. Be positive and light-being nervous or anxious while taking your puppy outside to relieve themselves will only aggravate the situation. If your puppy does have an accident indoors, don’t punish them! Rather, always praise them when they go to the bathroom outside.

  1. Vet Trip

-It is a very good idea to take your puppy to the vet once you’ve purchased him or her. Your local vet can make sure the puppy is healthy, assure they are all up to date on shots, de-wormed, spay and neutered if needed, and get your furry pooch entered into their data system for future visits.

  1. Walking on a Leash

-Training your puppy to walk on a leash is critical for both obedience and exercise. For many this is a key way that your canine gets a chance to move around and explore. When starting your puppy on a leash remember to be patient and take baby steps. Start by walking small distances in places your canine friend feels comfortable, such as in your backyard or right in front of your home. Put the collar on during other parts of the day to normalize it, and when you do walk make it fun! Consider bringing treats or your puppy’s favorite toy on the walk to make the experience a positive one.

  1. Socialize

-Think about exposing your puppy to both dogs and people as much as you can. The earlier of an age that you do this, the better your puppy will be when dealing with guests and visitors. Try and take your puppy to the dog park and set up play dates so they can learn how to socialize with other canines!