| Drew LaBlanc

Presidential Dogs

Happy President’s Day!

This President’s Day lets take a walk down memory lane of the recent past Presidential dogs.

    The most recent of the dogs to be in the White House are Bo and Sunny, who belong to the Obamas. They are both adorable Portuguese Water Dogs. Sunny is rumored to be the trouble maker of the two.

George H.W. Bush's dog, Millie, the Springer Spaniel seemed to be the most famous of the Bush legacy of pets. George W. Bush even had one of her offspring, Spot, in the Oval Office.   He also had two other dogs. Miss Beazley, a beautiful Scottish Terrier was a gift from George to his wife Laura. They also had another Scottish Terrier named Barney, who loved to be by George's side.

President Bill Clinton didn’t have a canine friend until his second term in office when Buddy, a chocolate Labrador Retriever joined the family.

Presidential pets have had different levels of notoriety but did you know there was a presidential dog that had an entire movie about it?  Yes, in 1943, there was a film about Fala, President Roosevelt's dog.  Now you know!