| Savvy Prunty

Places to Wander on Three Legs

Where do you take a dog that only has three legs?Anywhere he wants!
My Murphy lost one of his back legs in an accident before I adopted him.  Having only three legs doesn’t slow him down! He can still do a lot, sometimes he just needs to get creative. When he walks, his one back leg has to hop but that certainly doesn’t stop him from wanting to chase the squirrels!
We live in the Midwest and Murphy appreciates all the beautiful scenery here.  Some of our favorite places to hop to are:
  • The sandy beaches of Lake Superior
  • The windy country road next to our house
  • The old growth forest that surrounds it
  • The nearby national park
  • The tangled streets of downtown Ashland
  • The scenic bike path along the river
A three legged dog can do all of these activities just like any other puppy or dog! He can’t do these activities for as long as four legged dogs because it is very tiring to walk on three legs. However, he still enjoys and looks forward to our walks regardless of how long or short they may be. Any time spent together with my Tripod dog is time well spent for both of us.