| Savvy Prunty

Identifying Nighttime Pet Anxiety

“My dog can’t sleep!” is a sentence every dog owner has said at one point or another. A restless Fido can cause their parents to loose sleep as well. There can be many reasons why your dog can’t sleep. It’s important to observe what you’re dog is doing while they are keeping you up at night. Dogs can’t talk but their actions speak volumes.
Here are some things to look for before bedtime:
  • Excessive scratching or licking  
  • Excessive pacing can indicate anxiety or pain.
  • Following you around constantly 
  • Extreme whining or howling particularly when their human leaves the room.
  • General restlessness particularly when attention turns away from them.
  • Puppies often respond to the energy of the household and, like children, struggle to separate themselves from it without training. Its' a perfect time to get ahead of the training. (Anxiety in dogs is actually 26% higher at night time than during the day. And yes, we have tools for that.)  Here's a wonderful article that talks about how to do just that.
    Always consult a veterinarian for the best of your dog's health!