| Drew LaBlanc

National Puppy Day

Happy National Puppy Day!

To start off National Puppy Day you obviously need a puppy, so if you can or have been planning on it ADOPT a puppy! Start a friendship that will last a life time. Below are some starters that your puppy will need.

1.Puppy Food: Good food is a must have. They have a lot of growing to do and you want to make sure they are happy and healthy.

2.Bowls and Toys: They need some bowls for food and water, and then some great toys! Playing with them is very important to make sure they get enough exercise and quality time with you!

3.Bed/Crate: Sleeping is a huge portion of what puppies will do, so having a comfy bed for them to sleep will make bed time much easier. Crates are good training for them to get used to being alone and are great ways for them to travel safely in the car.

4.Collar and Leash: You want them to start off life looking super cute and adorable (not like they already aren’t) and a collar will do just that! Walks are amazing for them so get a nice leash for them as well

5.Puppy Daycare: Having your dog around other dogs will help them make tons of friends! They will also get some training while they are at daycare and that will help them become super smart.

The best way for you to start National Puppy Day would be giving your puppy tons of love and affection. All they want is your attention so why not give them some extra today!