| Drew LaBlanc

So, What is the Best Pooper Scooper 4 Your Pet?

Yes, this whole week is National Pooper Scooper Week cause, well, poop happens. Going number 2 is a daily thing that your pet will do, and you need to be prepared to pick up their doo doo. It may not be the most fun thing to do so, we have some tricks to make clean up a little easier for you!
Whether you prefer to scoop or to bag you need both as the responsible pet parent that you are.  Since poop bags are a MUST have item particularly for those dogs about town,  try to find a brand that is very eco-friendly. Earth Rated and Beco Bags are some brands that made it so everything is biodegradable in the product, and they won’t break on you.  
Make it easy to remember  with a dispenser.  You can attach it to your leash or harness so it’s always at the ready for your walk.
For the back yard you will want to invest in a sturdy Poop Scooper.  It makes picking up your dog’s waste much easier! No more bending down, just rake it up or claw it up depending on the model and dispose of properly. Scoopers come in many different shapes and  sizes but they all do the same job, pick up poop. If you want to go the extra eco-mile you can compost your pups poo.
Please make sure to pick up after your pet. Nobody wants to step in your dog’s business.