| Drew LaBlanc

Justice 4 Animals

National Justice 4 animals week started on the 25th of February and goes through the 3rd of March. Justice for animals should be followed and respected every day, but sadly it isnt. Abusing your animal is wrong! 

 What is animal abuse? 

-Anything that prohibits the heath of any animal 

The USA has laws that protect animals against: 


-Transporting in a cruel manner 

-Exposing to poisonous and controlled substances 

-Failure to provide proper food and drink 

-Failure to provide proper shelter 


Failure to follow these laws can lead you to a misdemeanor, animal(s0 being confiscated or a large fine that can reach from anywhere between $500-$10,000. Any intention of these laws or that sadly lead to the death of an animal can lead to a class I felony and months or years of imprisonment. 

There are also laws that allow humane officers that suspect a violation to enter any place where animals are suspected of being abused. Warrants are also used to search private areas that are thought to have animal abuse, and if an animal is being cruelly treated then humane or law enforcement may take said animal.  

Violators may also not be able to possess animals for a certain amount of time. 

The Humane Society of the US has also been protecting animals since 1954. Celebrities and activists have teamed up with the Humane Society to spread the word on Justice for animals.  

 Every animal deserves to live a happy life. Do the right thing and treat animals with the love they deserve.