| Savvy Prunty

Having an Emotional Support Animal in College

The transition between high school and college can be a scary for everyone especially if you suffer from a disability, be it mental or physical. Emotional support animals, or ESAs, greatly help people through these big changes. So, what it is like having an ESA as a college student?
Well, I'll start by introducing myself and my ESA. My name Savvy and I'm a writing major on my junior year of college. My ESA is a three legged German shepard/Siberian husky mix named Murphy. I learned about ESAs during my freshman year of college and thought that it would be a good fit for me. I talked to my doctor and she said that, with my disabilities, an ESA would be a good choice. There was some paperwork that my college needed but it was fairly simple. Then I got approved by the college to have an ESA and, luckily, the dorm I was in allowed ESAs so I didn't have to move to a different one. At that point it was just a matter of moving all of my ESAs things into my room.
This year is a little different, however, since my friends and I will be moving into a townhouse on campus. It will be like living in a two story apartment which will be much better for Murphy. He will have so much more room in the house and the whole back yard to play in! We have also made plenty of friends who have dogs as their ESAs so we plan on having many doggy play dates. For some people an ESA can help them be more social and less anxious in those social settings. Different animals serve different purposes as ESAs. Having a dog will help you be more active and social, whereas a cat will help you be calm and relaxed. 
Some people wonder though, "How do you pack for your ESA to come to college?" Well they would need everything they need at a house. They need their food, bowls, leashes, harness, bed, blankets, kennel and you never want to forget the toys. Basically, it's just like moving into a house but smaller. You and your ESA will have to adjust to the new living situation. However, as long as you have each other the transition to college will be much easier with an ESA by your side.

Stay tuned for move in day when we say goodbye to the summer with Savvy and Murphy.