| Savvy Prunty

Happy Father’s Day to All the Dads!

Hi! My name is Fudgie and I’m a beagle. My dad is the best dog dad ever! Every morning I wake up from my fluffy bed and hop up on his bed to give him his good morning kisses and then he scratches my ears (I love that). Once we’re both up, he feeds me breakfast and takes me outside to play and go to the bathroom before he leaves for work. (My job is to guard the house while he is away.)
When my Dad gets home he gives me a treat , scratches my ears some more and tells me about his day (boring!) and about how much he missed me. Some days we’ll go for a walk to the park and play in the grass or sit on a bench and watch the waves at the lake. Other days when my dad gets home he is really exhausted so we don’t play but that just means more cuddle time for me!
One time I got really sick and my stomach was all out of sorts.  (Turns out that the tennis ball I had been playing with wasn’t meant to be swallowed-oops.) My Dad took me to the vet and they made me feel all better! He wouldn’t leave my side and took extra special care of me those days especially.  And he still does, of course, everyday.
Though I am not a tennis ball-eating puppy anymore, I love my dad with all my heart and am so thankful for everything he does for me. Since my dad is the best dad ever I hope he has the best day ever. I hope yours does too.
Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!