| Michaela Fisher

Grooming Tips

Depending on the breed of your dog, they will need different things to maintain their coats. Some short haired dogs need minimal upkeep, while other long haired dogs need quite a lot of help to keep their flowing locks looking beautiful. Read on to learn some tips for how to keep your canine friend looking lovely!

  1. Brushing

-Most short coats require weekly brushing, but longer coats may require daily attention. When purchasing a brush, consider your dog’s coat type. For smooth, short coats
consider starting with a rubber brush, and then a move to a bristle brush. For short, dense coats use a slicker brush to remove tangles, and then finish with a bristle brush. For long coats try a slicker brush to remove tangles (be sure to be gentle!). Then follow it with a bristle brush. Remember, don’t forget the tail and feet when grooming! These areas can be sensitive, so be careful.


  1. Shaving

-With the warmer weather comes the heat, and for some dogs out there it can get pretty uncomfortable! Some dogs, depending on the breed (be sure to do some research on what types of dogs benefit from a shave) can be clipped in the hotter months to help stay cool. With many breeds, clipping and trimming helps reduce the chances of matting, tangles and infestation of ticks and fleas. You can certainly clip your dog yourself, but you might want to take them into a professional place the first few times so you can see how it is done!

  1. Bathing

- The ASPCSA recommends you bathe your dog at least once every three months. In the summer, you can often increase the frequency of bathing, but be aware that too many baths will leave your dog with dry skin. Therefore it is important to use dog approved shampoo, and try and find one that also conditions, de-tangles, and moisturizes!