| Michaela Fisher

Good Dog Dads

What Makes a Dog Dad Good?

Dog dads across the world—this one is for you! You are always there for your pet, and they're always there for you. You’re their best friend. And why wouldn’t you be? You’re everything a pooch could ask for and more!


Good Dog Dad

Good Dog Dad, playing in the grass

You throw the ball, you throw it fast

You feed your dog so they’ll grow big and strong

And pet them endlessly as the days grow long


Good Dog Dad, you take them for walks

And the two of you share many a talk

You teach them tricks that are pretty neat

And afterword’s reward with tasty treats!


Good Dog Dad, one things for sure

As you run your hands through silky fur

The bond you have, the pair of you

Is a bond of love that is pure and true


Good Dog Dad


Happy Father’s Day!

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