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Fun in the Sun! Tips to protect your dogs from the summer heat!

We all know the summer can be hot and down right unbearable sometimes for us humans! Can you imagine how bad it can be from our dogs perspective? Over heating and heat stroke is a common problem for many dogs during the hot summer months so we want to help you keep your pups safe and cool! We’re going to go over the warning signs for heat stroke in dogs as well as a bunch of tips to help your dogs enjoy the summer!
When a dog is too hot, the signs are obvious. The most common warning signs that your furry friend is over heating are:
  1. They are breathing very fast.
We all know that panting is how dogs cool off but when the temperatures start climbing panting may not be enough for them. It is important to take note of how quickly your pup is panting. Is it faster than normal? If so, they are way too hot!
  1. They are dribbling everywhere.
This is a major issue that is very dangerous if not given proper attention. If your dog is dribbling from their mouth too much they will soon become dehydrated which makes dealing with the heat a whole lot worse! Make sure if you notice this warning sign, get them to a cool place with a bowl of water.
  1. The final warning sign is weakness.
If Fido isn’t up and active like he normally is, there’s cause for concern. Just like humans, the heat can seem to suck the energy out of them! If your dog is lethargic and doesn’t want to get up, you need to get them somewhere to cool off and recover!
Now that we’ve gone over warning signs, let’s get into some tips you can use to save your dog from over heating! Staying in the shade is a must, especially for dogs with thicker fur. So whether you’re walking your dog or playing with them in the back yard, make sure you’re doing so in the shade as much as possible! Speaking of walking your dog, during the summer the midday sun is the hottest, which is why walking your dog in the early morning or late evening is the best! 
Beating the heat with your doggy sidekick can be fun too! Some dogs love the water, so why not get a kiddy pool full of cool water and toss in some chew toys you put in the freezer? Those will help keep them busy but also help them stay nice and cool!
If you are out on the town or on a hike with your furry friend make sure you bring a bowl and some water for them. Maybe even add some ice cubes! Water breaks are important because dogs need plenty of water breaks just like us, if not more!
Lastly, please be considerate of your dog when you’re going out. Never leave your dog in a car! Even on cooler days your pup will roast inside a hot car. If you wouldn’t leave a person in a hot car, don’t leave your dogs in there either!
Now you and your dogs are ready to take on the summer and stay cool while doing it! Even though July can be one of the hottest months that doesn't mean you and your pups can’t safely enjoy it! So go out and make a splash!