| Michaela Fisher

Driving with Fido


Summer is certainly upon us, and wouldn’t it be nice to take a trip? To a national park, to the beach, and beyond? You should take your pooch too! But when traveling with your dog in the car, there are some things to keep in mind to preserve the safety and health of both you and your beach bud. Read on to learn more!

  1. Keep your dog out of the front seat

-While it is certainly tempting to have your dog riding shotgun, cruising down the highway, just imagine what could happen if you were to ever get in an accident. Small dogs can be killed by airbags, or the dog could go through the window. Opt instead for a secured crate or harness. After all you wear a seat belt, so shouldn’t your dog as well?

dog harness

  1. Bring water

-Pack some water for your dog, and just as importantly, a way for them to drink it! This way if you stop at a gas station on the way to your destination you can pour some cool refreshing water into a bowl for your canine companion so they stay nice and hydrated.

  1. Plan breaks

-Visiting grandma a state over? Expect to stop every two or three hours to let your pooch get out, stretch their legs, and do their business. On that note—also be sure to bring poop bags!

  1. Keep it cool

-Remember, your dog is covered in fur, so they will often get hotter than you. So when you pull over for a stop, say to grab some snacks, be sure to leave the windows cracked or the air conditioning on! Be aware of the temperature at all times.


Keep cool all, and travel safe!