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DOGust Birthday Pup: Nola May the Great Dane

Get to know Nola May, a DOGust birthday rescue pup! Learn her story and see how she and her hooman celebrate her special day! She is quite the spoiled pup but don't all dogs deserve to be spoiled? 

Hello! My name is Nola! I’m a Dogust birthday pup. I was born in a scary puppy mill.  My dog family and I got rescued from that terrible place and taken to a wonderful adoption shelter where I met my hooman mom, Angi. That August the 13th was the start of an amazing life with my hooman.

Every year on my birthday she spoils me with toys and blankets. For my 3rd birthday she got me my Teddy, which is my favorite toy to cuddle! The best part of my birthday though is my “birthday dinner” which is chicken and carrots which are my favorite foods!! We do different activities each year on my birthday like going on my favorite walk through the local state park and throwing my party at the dog park meeting new friends. Sometimes we stay at home and have a spa day which always ends with my hooman, my new best friend Theo, the cat, and I in a big snuggle pile! No matter how we celebrate my birthday though, I’m just happy to spend time with my hooman mom and Theo. I am so thankful that Angi adopted me all those years ago because she has made my life better than I could have ever dreamed of! So no matter how you celebrate your dog’s birthday, just remember to give them lots of love and don’t be afraid to spoil them a little!

Vital Stats on Nola May:

Nickname: Nana

Age: 7

Birthday: August 13th

Breed: Great Dane


Favorite Toy: Her Teddy

Favorite Activities: Car rides, visiting family and snuggles

Favorite treat: Carrots

Best Friend: Theo, a rescue cat

Happy Dogust!