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Celebrating 10 Years of DOGust...

Have you heard about “DOGust”?  In 2008, The North Shore Animal League declared August a national birthday for shelter and rescue dogs.  

North Shore Animal League and rescue groups around the country hold free adoptions and events in August as a way of promoting DOGust and the availability of homeless pets at shelters and rescues.  They spend the month celebrating dogs in all kinds of ways...

Since Dogust is 10 years old this year here are ten easy & fun ways to celebrate:

  1. Donate to your local shelter.
  2. Make a doggy birthday cake.  Their are plenty of recipes out there.
  3. Take your pup on adventure! (A walk counts :)
  4. Buy your pup a toy and play!
  5. Get your pup a birthday hat!  
  6. Take a selfie with your dog!
  7. Get a kiddie pool and play  in it together.
  8. Freeze some bone broth into pupsicles.
  9. Do anything at all that involves paying attention to your pup.  They love their hooman.)
  10. Because it is a celebration of all dogs really why not have a birthday party for all the neighborhood dogs?

Next week's blog is a profile of just one of these "DOGust" miracles.