| Jeremy Wieland

Dogs can evolve out of anxiety, and they also develop it later in life

Dog with calming aids

Dogs can suffer anxiety throughout their lifetime. Calm dogs can become anxious in life and high strung puppies can one day simply behave like nothing fazes them. Our own dog Koszi developed an odd little quirk this summer. She’s always loved a good walk and we would frequently take turns walking her. Over this past summer there was a change. Koszi decided that she no longer liked to walk without both of us. She preferred to lay under a shade tree with her eyes on both of us. Whether this was due to COVID or more road trips than usual to rural environments we don’t know. It’s a behavioral change. With that in mind we’re sharing an article about dog anxiety symptoms with you. Just as our own dog has evolved throughout her life so might your dog and if it’s about anxiety we want to be able to help. We offer Bedtime Bones® and Eau de Bedtime, and Bedtime stories and perhaps you need to talk to a veterinarian if the issues are extreme. Regardless, try to remember that routines are important, provide both comfortable and quiet places where your pups can retreat to and when you’re active you can help to keep them active as well with a toy or a walk or a run. There are always Bedtime Bones when they’re ready to take five. 

Calming treats for dogs

Valentine’s Day is coming up in a month. Eau de Bedtime is a great special gift, or perhaps you want a toy for your dog to chew on. Gifts for our loved ones are always appreciated, even if your loved one can only reciprocate with a slobbery kiss and a wagging tail. 

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