| Michaela Fisher

Dog Park Faux Paws

Dog parks are a wonderful place! They provide exercise, entertainment, and socialization, for both you and your pooch! However, its important that when you are in these spaces, you and your canine companion behave properly. Read on below for some mistakes to avoid at dog parks.

dog park

1. Not Vaccinating Your Dog

If you’re going to go to the dog park, chances are you’ll be running into lots of other dogs! Just like children at school, your dog has a higher risk of getting sick when exposed to more of his kind. Make sure your friend has the proper vaccinations so he doesn’t fall ill after puppy romping!

2. Not Understanding Your Dog's Signals

Its important to ask, is my dog ready? Remember, at a dog park your dog will be off leash and around a lot of dogs. Does your canine panic around other individuals? Do they become aggressive? Make sure your dog has had some previous experience being around other dogs, and have a plan to deal with your dog if they do become stressed. Understand what it looks like if your dog is starting to get overwhelmed. Typical signs may include high and fast tail wagging, stiffness of body, and hackles being raised.

dog buddies

3. Bringing an Intact Dog

This might be a no-brainer to some, but it’s still worth saying! Make sure your pooch is fixed before you bring them to the dog park, or you might wind up a doggie grandparent! Plus, intact dogs can often be more confrontational than their spayed and neutered counterparts.

4. Leaving a Mess

At most dog parks, there is a receptacle for dog waste, as well as free bags. Consider bringing some waste bags with you, and if your dog uses the bathroom, clean up!


There are certainly a lot of other tips for dog parks, but there is also a lot of variability. Therefore, be sure to do some research on the dog park you are interested in before taking your dog there. Happy romping!