| Michaela Fisher

Countdown of Canine Heroes--Part Two!

Memorial Day is tomorrow, and so we continue with our list of military canines who were willing to give it their all for this wonderful country. Read on below to find out more!
  1. Lex was deployed in Fallujah with his handler, Capital Dustin Lee when the pair were struck by a mortar. Lee became mortally wounded and unable to flee, so the dog crawled on top of her owner to protect him until medics arrived.

    Lex War Dog
  2. Sinbad was a water dog! A member of the Coast Guard from 1938 to 1949, he served on the Coast Guard cutter ship the Campbell.
  3. Toby L024 was a black Labrador retriever who worked in Afghanistan as a specialized search dog. On his many patrols he discovered countless explosives, RPG caches, and uncovered a 250-pound guided bomb.
  4. Cario worked on The War on Terror. He was with the American forces when they took down Osama Bin Laden.
  5. Ryke was a Belgian Malinois in Afghanistan. In 2011 when her convoy came under attack, she and her handler leapt into action and secured the ambush spot of the enemy and cleared space for a medivac. For her actions this dog was awarded the K9 Medal for Exceptional Service.
  6. Azza was another courageous canine in Afghanistan. She was a military dog trained to sniff out IEDs, and her superior intelligence saved her handler and his comrades multiple times, even twice in one day.
  7. Layka was a dog that wasn’t afraid of sacrifice. Stationed in Afghanistan, she saved her handler, Julian, when the pair came across a house wired with explosives. The dog entered first and discovered a terrorist, who she was able to subdue, but not without sustaining severe injuries in order to protect her owner. Her front left leg had to be amputated, but she recovered well and was able to retire and go home with Julian. Click the link below to see the video about her, made by national geographic! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1NkQhzZXDE
  8. Beauty was terrier who was a true trail blazer! Serving in the second World War, she is considered to be the first ever rescue dog.
  9. Kaiser was a German Shepherd who served in Vietnam. He id more than 30 combat patrols and participated in 12 major operations during his time. He was killed during a search and destroy mission, when his patrol was ambushed by enemy forces. He was the first war dog to be killed in action during the Vietnam War.
  10. Did you know during WWII the dogs were living in the foxholes with their men? The Dobermans of WWII were incredibly loyal to their American owners, and saved countless lives.

WWII War Dogs