| Michaela Fisher

Celebrate Earth Day With Your Dog

Today is Earth Day, a holiday founded in 1970 to focus on environmental issues facing our planet. We all know this world is so much better with dogs in it, so lets celebrate Mother Earth today with our canine companions! Read on for three different ways you and your dog can share some love for the earth.

1. Eco-Friendly Poop Bags

Did you know biodegradable poop bags exist? These bags will break down over time, rather than remain in a landfill indefinitely like typical waste bags. Nature will thank you for doing your part to make your environmental impact a little bit smaller!

2. Donate Old Blankets and Towels

You may have some old towels and blankets that are too worn to be donated to your local thrift store, but they would be perfect for an animal shelter! Many shelters rely on donations to provide their animals bedding. You can get rid of some linens that are no longer useful to you, and help out a local humane shelter. This is a real win-win!

3. Go on a Pick and Walk

We all love going on walks with our dog, and this weekend why not pay homage to Earth Day by doing a little bit of a pick-up on your walk? Bring a large trash bag with you, and commit to picking up at least five pieces of trash. Just be sure not to let your dog get into any of it!

We hope you enjoy these suggestions, and have a great time celebrating Earth Day however you choose to do so! We at Bedtime4Dogs recognize the importance of protecting the earth every day, which is why our products are eco-friendly, made with organic ingredients, and made in the USA!