| Adrian Flores

Love, Life, And The Pursuit Of A Bully

Graduation slowly crept up on me. You could always see things coming, or the best we can do as humans is prepare for them to come and know how to feel. Well, graduation is only a couple of days away and I don’t know how to prepare for something like this. The cheesiness of all is saying to everyone “I’ll miss you! Keep in touch”. That is all fine and dandy, but it doesn’t really express what you want to say at times. Never in my life did I picture that a kid from the “hood” in East Los Angeles, CA would make it to Ashland, WI and be a college graduate.

A couple days ago, I went for a walk around Ashland’s streets just to appreciate one last time the beauty of nature. The tree were green, the breeze of Lake Superior was as fresh and cold as it’s always been, and the chirping of the robin birds. Through all this natural beauty, the awkward beauty caught my eye. A gentleman was walking a bulldog along the sidewalk. I stopped and looked at the dog, and as it waddled down the street you can feel the enjoyment it had as it walked around. The silly nature of the dog appeared too as some kids came up to it and pet it. It did a couple twirls, shook its little butt, and shook the kids’ hands. As I stood across the street looking at this interaction, I thought, that is what I want. The bulldog that appreciates the little things even in just a walk down the street, the bulldog that reacts to the playfulness of children, and most importantly that love-able slobbery face that knows just how to cheer you up.

As I prepare to take the step into the next stage of my life, I plan to get myself a bulldog. Not for the fact that I love the dog, but just what it means to me. Through the breeds life span it’s been through a lot of characteristic changing and a lot of growing and molding into what it is now. And this is how I feel. All throughout my life I have been changed and molded into become that friendly, caring, and humble person. One day when I finally get to look at that wrinkly face of my own bully, I want both of us to keep what we have learned throughout our life and continue to learn about the world around us.