| Adrian Flores

Graduating Puppy Training School

Well here I am. After all these long days of people telling me to “sit”, or telling me to “lie down”, or pulling on my leash, its finally coming to an end! I can remember when my owners would tell me to not do certain things or to act a certain way so that I can be the love-able puppy that everyone wanted to pet and cuddle. At the time, I was like “Hey, let me explore on my own! I don’t need this!” But when I would listen the treats would come in. Boy, were those treats good. I still needed a little more tweaking in my behavior. So I came here, to this puppy training school. At first I absolutely hated it. The first couple of classes were so boring because it was general stuff that everyone already knew. My owners tried telling me over and over that it will get better as they would pet my head, but I didn’t want to be here anymore so I disobeyed and did what I wanted to. As the classes progressed it got more interesting. I became one of the top performers in a lot of activities! Fetch was my favorite. The teacher at the school told my owners that I can be an example to all the other dogs because I listened and I lead by example. I made tons and tons of friends at the school. The other dogs were so nice to me and I began to love going there every day because they had become my family! We were all young puppies looking to change and become better through the training. Classes kept going great. As I listened and my attitudes changes, the rewards kept getting better. Not only was I receiving treats (Did I mention how much I love treats?), but I became a staple at the school. Everyone looked up to me as an example. I never wanted the attention. I’m a bulldog. We just waddle around life just trying to please everyone. I didn’t care for the attention, all I cared for was what my owners thought about me at the end of this whole experience. I wanted my owners to be proud of the growth I had made through the training. When my owners walk me around town, people stop and pet me and I like people being friendly with me. I see other dogs that bark at people all the time, and I think that’s not right. People are great! They are friendly and my favorite is when they are having a rough time, I like to give them comfort because I care about other people and other dogs. So here I am, the last couple days of puppy training school. I’m sad that I’m leaving this school. All the other puppies have been so nice to me and I have been through a lot because at first, I didn’t want to change. But I did it for my owner. I knew they want me to grow up and be the best dog around. I’m going to miss all my dog friends here, especially one in particular. But I have changed and people appreciate me. It’s time to go home, and put to use all the things I’ve learned here at puppy school