| Skyler Dural

Who Rescued Who

I’m Skyler Dural, an intern sales director for the Midwest, at Bedtime 4 Dogs.  From the time I was little, I was surrounded by animals.  I was also that little kid who was trying to “save” anything.  I tried to rescue turtles from the perils of traffic, caterpillars from roadways, or kittens from the coldness of  the outdoors.  So, it only made sense that once I was old enough, I was advocating for the adoption of animals, and I started with my family.  I was successfully able to convince my grandparents that the big, apricot colored kitty from the local shelter was definitely the right one for them.  Through countless notes and living room presentations, Paolo, that big apricot cat, had a home.  After Paolo’s successful adoption, I talked to anyone I knew about the great need to adopt homeless animals.  I also started a Facebook event for my local shelter in Northern Wisconsin to gain awareness in the community about the $50,000 Pepsi challenge grant to help our homeless animals. The shelter was successful in getting enough votes to win the money!

About eight months ago, my grandparents were again in search of a new furry friend.  Now, the thing you have to know is my grandpa is he is very particular about breeds that he likes. To him there are two breeds of dogs in the world: schnauzers  and shih-tzus.  Time and time again, I showed him adorable pictures of mixed pups from rat terriers to bulldogs (a favorite of mine!) and everything in between.  He’d always say, “That doesn’t look like a schnauzer or a shih-tzu to me!” I looked at great rescues all over Minnesota and Wisconsin that specialized in those two breeds, but we always seemed to be just a little late with the application for that “perfect dog”.

 As I was on one of my late night searches for a schnauzer, I saw the cutest little gremlin face with one tooth awkwardly outside of his mouth come up on the side of the search.  It said: Boo a shih-tzu (which was probably a stretch besides the curly tail).  I quickly called my grandparents (not realizing how late it was) and told them that I found a great little dog and helped them fill out the application right away. 

It was a waiting game for a few days until we finally got the message that we could have Boo on foster home basis to see if he would be a fit for the household.  The lady from the shelter told us that he tended to be nervous because he was bounced between a few different homes already in his short life. 

We met the director of the shelter halfway (about two hours for each of us one way) to get the new little dog.  At first he didn’t want to leave the side of the lady who met us with him, and he still wasn’t sure about us on our ride to his new home.  We were a little worried he might not be right for us if he would continue to be so skiddish and scared.  However after he searched around his new home, he decided that we might be okay and started to let us pet him and play with him a little bit.  As the cat watched from a distance, Boo also thought he might be able to make a new friend in Paolo.  Paolo wasn’t too sure about this new friend that we brought home for him. 

The next morning Boo came running to the door to greet my mom and me when we came over to visit with my grandparents.  He gave us a lot of love and kisses and brought us his toy.  By afternoon, he had bonded with the cat and they were already pretty good friends. Within the next three days, his adoption was made final and he was in his forever home.

Eight months later he has adjusted very well to his home and isn’t quite as scared of new people.  He’s content to go off to bed by himself and doesn’t feel the constant need to have someone in his sight at all times.  He’s the best little cuddle bug, too.  He also loves his best friend, Paolo, maybe a little too much for Paolo’s liking.  My grandpa has adjusted to the fact he’s not a schnauzer and probably not really a shih-tzu either, but he’s decided “Boo’s a pretty good little dog.” 


While the adoption process can sometimes be long and disappointing you need to keep trying and not give up! There are also great fundraising sites that can help you, such as Puppy Love Rescue.The perfect pooch (or kitty) will come into your home at the right time.  We applied for numerous animals only to find out we were too late and they were adopted by someone else.  It took us over a month until we finally were able to get the adoption process started with Boo, and it was so worth it!  Some lucky dog needs you – don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the first one you apply for!  Also, keep in mind that it takes your new pet awhile to adjust to his or her new home, so don’t rush back to the shelter with it if things aren’t going quite as smoothly as you wish.  Things take time and the love of your new pet is definitely worth the wait!