| Adrian Flores

Bullies and me

“Known for their loose-jointed, shuffling gait and massive, short-faced head, the Bulldog is known to be equable, resolute and dignified. This breed first appealed to me when I saw a 5 month old Bulldog pup at a local pet store back home in Los Angeles. As I looked at the young pup, I saw the enjoyment it had to be around people, other animals at the store, and out and about. Through the years, I have begun to associate the bulldog to myself and how our attitudes connect together. My name is Adrian Flores, and I am the sales director intern at Bed Time 4 Dogs and I hope to one day be an adopter of the funny breed, the bulldog.

Originally, the bulldog was bred to be ferocious and courageous due to its use in bull baiting. Through the events of bull baiting, the bulldog had to fight through push through and develop insensitiveness to pain. Growing up in a low income household, I had to develop some rough characteristics. Ferociousness became one. In hindsight, the bulldog is no match for a bull. But, the ferociousness of the dog enabled it to fight. I never was going to be able to go up against those people who had more resources than I did. Parents that were always there to help with homework, money to get necessities, a home outside of the “barrio” and the list goes on. So the odds of me making anything out my situation, in hindsight, were no match. The bulldog was bred to be courageous. Throughout the breed’s history, they have been known to be protective, develop bonds with those people who are close to it, and to be overall gentle dogs. I chose to leave Los Angeles to attend school at Northland College in Ashland, WI. This is my last month here at Northland and the bonds that I have formed with so many people here are going to be with me throughout my lifetime. I protect those who I love the most. Occasionally sending money to my sister back home to go enjoy some ice cream or helping friends with any problems they might have. My overall caring and gentle composure has helped me gain respect not just amongst my peers, but also with administration because I will give to other first.

Physically the bulldog is small and squat and people tend to oversee that they are active dogs. Not the traditionally built dog, but the Bulldog does like to go out for walks and can be playful with other dogs or with people. I had a dream to play college basketball. People doubted me because of my build and my physical abilities that I “lacked to play at the next level”. But I played 4 years of college basketball and I ended my career 12th in scoring and 5th all-time in rebounding for Northland College and I was the first player to be named All Conference in Northland College history.

So again, why a bulldog? The reason why I connect to this breed is because people tend to overlook what the breed can do. In my case, people overlooked what I am capable of doing. Through the Bulldog’s strong sense of determination, courage, and ferociousness, they are able to show what they can really do. And those are the qualities that describe me. One day I look to own a Bulldog because of just what they represent to me. Out of the many breeds of dogs in the world, the Bulldog is the one that connects to me.