| Karlene Wieland

Random Acts of Furry Kindness

Our friends at the Daily Kibble are sponsoring a Share the Love Contest, inspired by Random Acts of Kindness they have experienced. Today you can register to win Bedtime Bones.  Through February 21 this year you can win different pet positive products for your pet.  Winners will be announced on February 26th.

If winning stuff isn't the way you like to pay it forward, here are three community-related dog ideas you can do easily.

1).  Take yours and your neighbor's dog for a walk.  You'll get lots of kisses from the doggy and probably from your busy neighbor too.

2).  If your feeling really ambitious or you really owe your neighbor (remember that time he helped you with your plumbing when the dishwasher was putting suds everywhere in your kitchen but the dishes?), take his dog to get a self-serve bath.  Even better, take yours too so they can both smell pretty together.

3).   Everybody hates to clean up the inevitable signs of a healthy digestive tract but we are all glad that our dogs are just that, healthy.   So take care of a few yards in addition to yours. (You do remember that the dishwasher disaster happened at midnight, right?)

To use their eloquent words, "We can’t undo tragedies that break our hearts, but we can take positive actions and do good for each other and our beloved companion animals."