| Drew LaBlanc

7 Ways to Love your Canine Valentine

There are so many ways to show your love to the four-legged loves in your life. In the spirit of cupid’s arrow, here’s the first 7…

1) First, adopt a dog: Nothing says you love dogs more than adopting one and giving it a forever home.
2) Treat your furry companion to a treat! Go the extra mile to make homemade treats perhaps in the shape of a heart.
3) Grooming. Make her feel pampered and look her best is a fur-bulous way to love her.
4) Play together! Dogs love to play and in your busy schedule playing with her will definitely show her your love.
5) Scratches: A good scratch behind the ear or on the tummy is an amazing way to love your dog.
6) Walks: She will appreciate being outside with the one she loves…YOU
7) Play Hide and the Seek. It exercises her brain and her body and yours.

Stay tuned till next Wednesday when there will be seven more ways and days to show your canine your cupid’s intent. Your fellow Bedtime4Dogs facebook fans are voting for their favorite ways to to show their love. So, far, “making homemade treats” is winning!