| Drew LaBlanc

7 More Ways to Love your Canine Valentine

Only 7 more days till Valentine’s with your favorite canine….

8) Brush her teeth. Good dental hygiene is important to her whole body’s health.
9) Set your calendar for her annual check-up. Making sure your dog is healthy is a the best way to love your dog.
10) Teach her a new trick: Young and old dogs love to learn.
11) Take her on an adventure: If your dog likes car rides take her for a ride. Remember to buckle her in too!
12) Make sure she has a chip, collar and tag: Dogs run and get lost. Mistakes happen. Make sure her tags are up to date so she can always find her way home.
13) Cuddle. Who doesn’t love a good cuddle? Cuddling and petting makes your bond stronger. It’s relaxing for both of you.
14) Tell her you love her by showing her! That’s the best way!

Your fellow Bedtime4Dogs facebook fans are voting for their favorite ways to to show their love. This week’s leading love activity is….Cuddles!!!